Animal Health Industry Consulting

Dr. Felsted and the PantheraT team not only work with veterinary practices that deliver veterinary care directly to pet owners, but also with the broader animal health industry, including manufacturers and distributors of animal pharmaceuticals, pet food, and other medical products, as well as providers of business products and services designed for veterinarians and veterinary practices.

Dr. Felsted has been a member of the research team for several major studies of the veterinary profession (Bayer Veterinary Care Usage Study and AVMA-Pfizer Business Practices Study), as well as several studies involving aspects of veterinary practice operations prepared on the behalf of companies in the animal health industry.

Our work with veterinarians who are in daily contact with pets and their owners provides us with valuable insight into what’s going on in the profession overall and how veterinary practices operate. We have shared that information with numerous companies in the animal health industry via meetings with senior management, sales force training sessions, and presentations at sales and other meetings.

We have also spoken at many key account CE meetings and designed and facilitated interactive training meetings for similar groups.

At PantheraT, we feel that a macro view of the animal health industry is important in our work with both individual veterinarians and the producers and distributors of pet food, animal pharmaceuticals, and other veterinary medical products.

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