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Business Resources--Covid-19 Outbreak (updated 5/4/20)

This list is an attempt to pull together business and practice operation resources to help veterinarians and their teams deal with this aspect of the Covid-19 outbreak.  These are all available elsewhere but we are attempting to compile them in one place for easier usage.  If you know of another resource you think is helpful, please let me know and we will add it (send to  Resources included are meant to be non-commercial in nature and from reputable organizations.

Veterinary Professional Organizations

 American Veterinary Medical Association

  • State Veterinary Medical Associations

The URL for the Texas VMA is:; many other state VMAs have resources as well.

  • American Association of Veterinary State Boards--Summary of actions state boards have taken regarding CE, telehealth, and business practices with links to individual board websites

Impact of Covid-19 on Veterinary Practice Revenue and Invoices

Vet Success is a veterinary data company that is tracking the impact of COVID-19 on daily revenue and invoices for about 2400 practices.  They have put together a tool where you can see how revenue/invoices are changing—you pick a date range and it shows the % change in revenue and invoices from those dates in 2020 vs. 2019.   You can look at the US as a whole or filter by state, major metropolitan area, type of revenue and practice size

PPP Loan Forgiveness

Small Business Loans under CARES including PPP and Other

Paid sick and family leave

Tax relief


  • AVMA/AAHA booklet—“The Real-Life Rewards of Virtual Care How to Turn Your Hospital into a Digitally Connected Practice with Telehealth”

  • AVMA (search for “telehealth” or “telemedicine”)

  • American Animal Hospital Association (search for “telehealth” or “telemedicine”)

  • Information regarding many telehealth platforms and how to use

  • Veterinary state board telehealth guidelines--American Association of State Veterinary Boards

 More to come!